Thursday, June 22, 2017

Republican agenda : Private profits , socializing losses , dont tax them , blame the poor , social security and medicare , slash taxes on billionaires, keep everybody else working at poverty wages, get the races to fight each other, destroy the environment, destroy regulations that protect the common man and his family, replace education with religion, tell women what they can
and can't do with their own health, deny healthcare to millions of working poor, feed the military industrial complex with billions of tax dollars, start wars all over the middle east, build more prisons, have everybody armed to the teeth, and distract people with fluff "controversies" such as the war on Christmas and fake "scandals" such as Benghazi

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Obama’s nuclear reduction proposal falls flat in Moscow

Analysts say the scheme faces serious challenges in a country that heavily depends on its nuclear arsenal.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Run, racist, run!

‘Marked man’ Attorney General Jeff Sessions abruptly cancels public testimony
On Saturday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions canceled his scheduled appearance before an open session of the House and Senate appropriations…
Senator Jack Reed said he sees President Donald J. Trump's former national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, as a key focus of the investigation.
Reed: Mueller should depose Trump in Russia probe
“The president should answer truthfully, under oath, those questions,” he said. Trump May Fire Special Counsel Robert Meuller As President's Attorney Drops A Bombshell
The President's own lawyer refused to answer when he was asked if Trump would promise not to interfere with or fire special counsel Robert Mueller.
TRUMP IS PUTINS NON NUCLEAR OPTION.....In case you haven't connected the news dots... Putin controls the largest oil company in Russia. He made a 500 Billion dollar deal with the CEO of Exxon Mobil. Obama put sanctions in place which stopped that deal. Russia then hacked into the emails and gave them to wikileaks in order to get Trump elected. When the CIA told Congress this in September (James Comey was also in that meeting), Mitch McConnell refused to tell the American people, blackmailing Obama saying he would frame it as playing partisan politics during the election. Comey released the infamous no-information letter. Mitch McConnell's wife was picked for Trump's cabinet. The CEO of Exxon is now the Secretary of State. Wonder why our President has been so quick to dismiss the CIA's findings? gets better..2/...Here are some facts : Decide for yourselves 1) Trump owes Blackstone/ Bayrock group $560 million dollars (one of his largest debtors and the primary reason he won't reveal his tax returns)....LETS BE REAL ...WE ALL KNOW ....RUSSIAS HOLD OVER TRUMP IS THE EXISTENCE OF THE TAPE OF TRUMP WITH TWO WATER SPORTS EXPERTS :p ;)
2) Blackstone is WAS owned wholly by Russian billionaires, who oweD their position to Putin and have made billions from their work with the Russian government.
3) Other companies that have borrowed from Blackstone have claimed that owing money to them is like owing to the Russian mob and while you owe them, they own you for many favors.
4) The Russian economy is badly faltering under the weight of its over-dependence on raw materials which as you know have plummeted in the last 2 years leaving the Russian economy scrambling to pay its debts.
5) Russia has an impetus to influence our election to ensure the per barrel oil prices are above $65 ( they are currently hovering around $50)
6) Russia can't affordably get at 80% of its oil reserves and reduce its per barrel cost to compete with America at $45 or Saudi Arabia at $39. With Iranian sanctions being lifted Russia will find another inexpensive competitor increasing production and pushing Russia further down the list of suppliers.
As for Iranian sanctions, the 6 countries lifting them allowing Iran to collect on the billions it is owed for pumping oil but not being paid for it. These billions Iran can only get if the Iranian nuclear deal is signed. Trump spoke of ending the deals which would cause oil sales sanctions to be reimposed, which would make Russian oil more competitive.
7) Rex Tillerson (Trump's pick for Secretary of State) is the head of ExxonMobil, which is in possession of patented technology that could help Putin extract 45% more oil at a significant cost savings to Russia, helping Putin put money in the Russian coffers to help reconstitute its military and finally afford to mass produce the new and improved systems that it had invented before the Russian economy had slowed so much.
8) Putin cannot get access to these new cost saving technologies OR outside oil field development money, due to US sanctions on Russia, because of its involvement in Ukrainian civil war.
9) Look for Trump to end sanctions on Russia and to back out of the Iranian nuclear deal, to help Russia rebuild its economy, strengthen Putin and make Tillerson and Trump even richer, thus allowing Trump to satisfy his creditors at Blackstone.
10) With Trump's fabricated hatred of NATO and the U.N., the Russian military reconstituted, the threat to the Baltic states is real. Russia retaking their access to the Baltic Sea from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and threatening the shipping of millions of cubic feet of natural gas to lower Europe from Scandinavia, allowing Russia to make a good case for its oil and gas being piped into eastern Europe.
Sources: Time Magazine, NY Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian UK......phew.....did you make it thru all of that?......THERES MORE @ #RUSSIANTRUMP.. .. RUSSIA FIRST MAKING MOTHER RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN AND RUSSIAN MAFIA TOO

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The historic mistake was Obama signing this accord AFTER congress wouldn't pass it as a treaty, which is how it was originally set up. Not going to waste a bunch if my time on this, but just cite a few things. Since 2005, the US cut it's carbon footprint by 7.7%. No other nation did. The accord calls for an initial payment by the United States at 100 billion dollars, and over the next 87 years contribute 3 trillion dollars. The money us to be sent to developing nations to assist them in their economy. The Chinese, whose carbon footprint is over 1/4 of the world's carbon footprint, but they do nit have to do anything for the next 13 years. So while China takes advantage of building their economy under no constraints, the US gets tanked and our economy plummets. Even with that there is no penalty for any countries that do not pay their commitment. This is but another of wealth world wide, conceived by the NWO, to pull the US into the EU. Well the taxpayers said no to Hillary, if Trump had stayed in they would have crucified him, and will not stand fir anyone in the future who is not working for the US. Maybe you should read the accord, and research who dies what as far as the carbon footprint before you send this stuff out there. Don't forget the US is already 19 trillion in debt.
 Republicans are a big shame , Mother Nature and Humanity mean LIBERAL .. A bunch of simpletons and illiterates hillibilies Republicans are the scum on earth . What a shame ! The whole world and humanity against Trump decision.
Capitalism is globalist too you hilibilly illterate
Mother Russia first making Mother Russia great again

Judge dismisses lawsuit against Hillary Clinton by Benghazi families
A federal judge threw out a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton by the parents of two Americans killed in the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, ruling…