Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson is very unstable mentally he is truly, completely, delusional /insane, he is against free speech, HC, social security, affirmative action, food stamp, muslims, gays, the Big Bang theory, evolution Steve Ferris
He supports the rebel/Klan flag in private areas
Carson is a Uncle Tom, a fake black, white power with a black face, a Jim Crow actor
The Klan killed 55000 blacks in the last century
90 % of blacks voted for Obama, 70 % of blacks voted for Clinton and Gore
2) How did Ben Carson become a Dr.? How did he get through college? Rubio can't handle his own finances and Trump will declare bankruptcy to save his ass any time he wants.
3) The Vice President of Lincoln, a democrat, supported the CRA of 1870 to prevent KKK actions against black people, Truman ended segregation in the military in 1948, Kennedy and Johnson ended segregation nationwide, but Trent Lott, Thurmond, Nixon, Goldwater and the J Birch Society aka Tea Party Patriots voted against the CRA, theuy voted for segregation, the Klan or Dixiecrats elected Goldwater . R Nixon invited the Klan to go to the RP .
Democrats ended segregation in America The Klan is an independent, illegal, criminal and terrorist organization. Democrats didnt fight for slavery, the Confederacy, an enemy State did it
4) KKK Grand Wizard D Duke is supporting Trump, in 1992 he voted for Bush the elder
5) Onyango Ohingo
"Smear campaign? Who brought it up? Who has it in his books: Think Big and Gifted Hands? Who discussed it on national TV? Who mentioned it during a presidential debate? Come on Dr. Ben Carson!!"
6) Republicans against blacks, latinos, gays, muslims, medicare, AHC, social security, mother nature, the Founding Fathers, the American ideals, the American people, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Pope Francis, Christian values and humanity
They love money, profits, pollution, guns and wars
7) The pyramids were burial monuments, they were designed as a type of "resurrection machine".
8) Nazi Germany killed hundreds of armed Jews in Poland
9) Republicans and conservatives in general love blacks and latinos working against the interests of their people or community. That's why they created "Uncle Tom" and Jim Crow actors