Tuesday, November 10, 2015


For over 50 years, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment which includes the SeaWorld (Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio), Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove parks, have been leaders in wildlife conservation, research and conservation education. The parks provide a unique environment to connect with animals and inspire audiences to help protect the natural spaces we all depend on, and the dedicated zoological professionals that work at the parks dedicate their expertise to assisting animals in the wild. The people we encounter every day at our parks are often inspired to take action, and the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation fund was, in part, created to provide a way that people can help make a difference. The Fund was established as a 501 (c)(3) non profit private foundation in 2003, and initially provided resources for a wide variety of conservation programs worldwide that aligned with four key areas: animal rescue and rehabilitation, conservation education, habitat protection, and species research. Over the last decade, the Fund has continued to support these areas of focus, but has also developed specific conservation priorities within these areas. SeaWorld
2) Nathan Charron
Not only have they advanced conservation efforts but they have been a leader in the development of our understanding of these magnificent ocean creatures!
3) I would like to know why Blackfish is specifically targeting Sea World and no other aquariums. Sea World stopped taking whales from the wild 35 years ago. (any rescued animal is released once it’s healthy and strong). … Why hasn’t Blackfish published what is happening to whales still being captured by Japan and Russia?
Karen I. Allard kinoshita
4) I can't stand this crap...need to vent...have any of you idiots really watched blackish and how old it is? SeaWorld and there amazing staff probably care more about their animals then their own family..they spend countless hours taking care of them, 24/7. These orcas, seals, otters..etc have a pretty darn cush life, maybe your all pissy cause you have to work in a job you hate.. I don't know how you think releasing animals back to the wild will help them...uggg...you freaking morons.. it will kill them at this point....they can't survive the "natural environment " isn't it enough that they have agreed not to capture anymore? Mmmm, let's take you out of your cushy environment and make you go somewhere unfamiliar and see how long you last. Shut up already!!!!! ...Done!
Karen Dalo Omg..