Tuesday, November 10, 2015

1) Republicans and conservatives in general love blacks and latinos working against their people and interests.
They create and support “fake blacks” like Ben Carson, Steele, West, C. Thomas, Sowell they are Uncle Tom/Jim Crow actors and Gopers love fa
ke latinos as well, people like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, two little bitchs of Wall Street. Ben Carson, for example, supports the rebel flag/the Kan flag in private areas. 2) They are against AHC, social security, medicare, medicaid, Affirmative Action and food stamp 3) Trump, Koch and Murdoch corporations against the Founding Fathers and the American people, simplistic solutions for complex problems. 4) Trump is supported by KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, the real ugly and brutal face of the GOP 5)
What Trump didn’t say about his four big business bankruptcies 6) Bubba era was a golden era of peace and prosperity, 8 yeras, 5 years with surplus ..Buhs ruined it in 5 years and caused the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression .. Democrats created social security, AHC, Affirmative Action and ended segregation in the US
Donald Chump has simplistc solutions for complex problems, thats why simpletons and ignorant people like his ideas, he is supported by the Klan Grand Wizard David Duke.. Fiorina is a Thatcher or Merkel wannabe .. Carson is a fake black Uncle Tom, crazy and ignorant .. Donald Biff Chump loves money and profits, he doesnt love America, the American values, the Founding Fathers ideals and the American people

David Simonson Wtf is a "fake black"? Is there such a thing as a "fake white"? Are you suggesting that people of a certain ethnicity should act a certain way or they are somehow not representative of their race? I hate to break it to you buddy, but you're a racist.
Norton James A fake black, a fake latino or a fake American is a scumbag acting or working against the American values, the American ideals and the American people. Carson is against AHC, muslims, free speech, gays, social security, medicare, medicaid, Affirmative Action and food stamp. He said war crimes dont exist. He supports the Klan flag in private areas. The Klan killed 55000 blacks in the last century. If you love America, you can't tolerate the rebel flag. America is a constitutional democratic republic, a pluralistic society, and the Confederacy is a brutal and terrorist regime.