Friday, November 13, 2015

A fake black, a fake latino or a fake American is a scumbag acting or working against the American values, the American ideals and the American people. Carson is against AHC, muslims, free speech, gays, social security, medicare, medicaid, Affirmative Action and food stamp. He said war crimes dont exist. He supports the Klan flag in private areas. The Klan killed 55000 blacks in the last century. If you love America, you can't tolerate the rebel flag. America is a constitutional democratic republic, a pluralistic society, and the Confederacy is a brutal and terrorist regime. Conservative principle : privatizing profits, socializing losses, dont tax them, blame the poor , social security and medicare.1 ) Dr Simgund Fraud Carson is crazy, he is against free speech, HC, social security, affirmative action, food stamp, muslims, the Big Bang theory, he supports the rebel flag in private areas 2) Carson is a Uncle Tom, a fake black, white power with a black face, a Jim Crow actor 3 ) How did Ben Carson become a Dr.? How did he get through college? Rubio can't handle his own finances and Trump will declare bankruptcy to save his ass any time he wants. 4) Teabaggers, nutjobs, Ku Klux Klan, Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand, Satan, Koch, Murdoch and Trump corporations against Country Club moderates, the Founding Fathers, christianity, the American People and humanity
5) They love immigrants from Cuba and their political support and rich muslims