Sunday, November 15, 2015

) ISIS Forces are ex-Baathist Saddam loyalists
ISIS’s roots in Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party are deep, many of the group’s most devoted commanders, advisers and fighters started out as Baathists. The ex-Baathists essentially run ISIS, and their past is evident in the tactics they are using now.
) The ISIS Caliphate Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was released from Camp Bucca prison in Iraq by George W Bush in 2004
ISIS leadership is chiefly composed of former members of Saddams army who were fired by George Bush and left jobless armed and pissed
1) Reagan killed Kemalism / secularism in the Middle East and created Al-Qaida, he called the Mujahedeen the Founding Fathers of the XX century in moral terms
2) Bush ignored hundreds of warnings on 9 / 11 and caused 3000 casualties in NY and Washington.
3) Bush lied about WMD invaded Iraq, spent 3 trillion dollars, caused 1060000 casualties, but Saddam didn’t have WMD, an Army and never attacked the US. Iraq didn’t have WMD in 2003, as CIA Morell and UN Scott Ritter told Congress and CNN
4) Bush ignored hundreds of warnings of civil war in Iraq in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 and created ISIS.
5) On May 1, 2003, Bush declared victory or mission accomplished, he delivered a now infamous speech aboard an aircraft carrier in which he declared that "major combat operations in Iraq have ended" and that "in the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed." That speech, given less than two months after the U.S. initiated combat operations in Iraq, has been derisively labeled "Mission Accomplished" after the banner used as a backdrop. The truth is that the American role in Iraq was far from finished, with the overwhelming majority of deaths occurring and most of the money spent since that speech 12 years ago today.
6) America was attacked by Al-Qaida not  by the Taliban.  Alzarkwai is dead, Omar is dead
Saddam was executed
Obama killed Osama
Karzai was elected
7) In 2005 Republicans presented a plan to withdraw US troops from Iraq.
8) Obama didn’t cause the Arab Spring but Bush really caused the civil war in Iraq.
9) After 5 years, we defeated Nazi Germany, Nazi Italy and Nazi Japan, after 5 years Assad and ISIS remain in power
NATO made a terrible mistake in Syria and Egypt, miscalculation
10) Bush ignored many dire warnings prior to 9/11, according to an ex-CIA Director's new interview. It's much worse than what was previously revealed.
11) Bush and Murdoch are associated to the Saudi Royal Family a brutal and terrorist regime ruled by Sharia, making billions of doillars, Republicans love rich muslims as Cheney and Saddam
) CIA and MI6 are good for nothing, they spend billion of dollars to prevent this kind of action
) Bush ignored many dire warnings prior to 9/11, according to an ex-CIA Director's new interview. It's much worse than what was previously revealed.Gopers love rich muslims
 ) Zionists introduced terrorism in the Middle East in the 30s, Irgun and Lehi/Gang stern, a terrorist state founded by terrorists and ruled by terrorists and war criminals, monsters and baby killers, scumbags like Shamir, Begin, Sharon, Dayan, and Bi Netany
 ) Kemalism in Turkey, Nasser in Egypt, PLO in Palestine, the Baath Party in Syria and Iraq were secular, sociailst and nationalist movements, they had nothing to do with religiion, religion was a private matter
Socialism and theism is a contradiction in terms, they dont believe in God.
) Socialism is a secular movement they have nothing to do with Islam. Nasser was a socialist, Baath was a socailst Party, Jihad in Afghanistan was created to fight USSR,.AlQaeda was created to suport the Whabian interpretation of Sharia, the Waisi was never a mainstream  Yesterday 100 innocent dead in Lebanon Attack,
500 innocent dead in Palestine, 200 Dead In
Yemen, last year 400,000 dead in Syria, 5 years
ago 1.5 million dead in iraq, Afghanistan &
Kashmir Yet No one Says a Word , The world
Stands in silence . And In Paris Attack Today
150 Dead And World Goes Crazy . Obama's
statement after attacks in Paris: "This is an
attack not just on Paris...this is an attack on
all of humanity" Mr . Obama Wake up Humanity Has
Been Getting Attacked and it died long time ago.
R.I.P To All those innocents Who Died In Paris
Attack Today, and R.I.P To All Those innocent
lives Who were never Mentioned In The Attacks ,
and Still Killed and not Being Mentioned