Thursday, December 10, 2015

A disrespectful bigot with no sense of leadership, a Fascist plain and simple, acting against democracy and the rule of law. The real ugly and brutal face of the Republican Party, endorsed by Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, an enemy of America and its ideals, Trump is a joke and this joke went too far 1) Bush and Murdoch are associated to the Saudi Regime a brutal and terrorist regime ruled by Sharia 2) Cheney made billions with Saddam 3) Reagan called the Mujahideen or the Taleban, the Founding Fathers of the XX century in moral terms 4) Bush ignored hundreds of warnings of civil war in Iraq 5) Bush ignored hundreds of warnings on 9 11 6) Reagan supported Saddam with WMD Racial profiling is uncontituional, torture is illegal
Donald Trump was "forced to file for bankruptcy not once, not twice, four times." .
Thats why Europeans consider America a piece of crap, a country of hillibillies, illiterates, cunts, and morons, a bunch of assholes.
A big joke