Friday, December 18, 2015

 False accusations, as always, she is a giant of our time, a saint of the Holy Church, she couldnt offer a medicare service like England or the US , but she really did the best she could under the circumstances to help poor people of India, she was against abortion YES, Papa and Baby Duvalier were supported by the United States, Indira Gandhi as well, so what ? She was always against dictators, violence and corruption ..Bush spent 6 trillion dollars in two illegal wars and 40 billions to save Wall Street. Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan hate Christian values .. God bless Mother Tereza of Calcutta, God bless the Holy Father

This action means VICTORY, no chance !! She is a great judo fighter. Pantaleo killed Eric Garner with a chokehold. Herb Dean didnt note it or this fight was fixed, no alternatives .. Holm was acting against the MMA rules, running and fleeing, H Dean should stop the fight and declare Ronda the winner. Big John McCarthy would stop this fight. Ronda definitely had her submission, "scream" is considered a verbal submission. It's not the fighters job to inform the ref about a submission and it's definitely not the refs job to listen to the fighters. He is the one who decides. Ronda released HH because she was fainting or dying
Ronda defeated Holm with a chokehold but H Dean didnt note
 Ronda Rousey fighting Jiu Jitsu defeating Holly Holm with a chokehold ! This fight was fixed
Ronda dominating her opponent with total control

 Ok, i see what you're saying, however, in MMA it is actually all up to the fighters to tap or not. If they dont tap, you choke them out till they pass out, no questions.

 I used to be on a fight team for LA Boxing in MMA. There's only three ways a fight can end...submission, knock out, or they go the full fight
 Knockout includes passing out from a choke, that is considered a TKO