Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Richard Milhous Nixon
1) Invited Dixiecrats aka the Klan to go to the Republican Party
Under Nixon the RP became a Nazi Party
2) Nixon was against the Civil Rights Act of 1964
3) He supported brutal regimes in Latin America and Africa
4) He bombarded civilians in Vietnan with indiscrimate artillery and rocket fire
5) He lost Angola
6) He was a crook, a bigot against the rule of law 7) He had plans to nuke China
Watergate was a big shame
saved the US economy
got Affordable HC
regulated Wall Street
killed bin Laden Bush caused the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. 1) Bush and Murdoch are associated to the Saudi Regime a brutal and terrorist regime ruled by Sharia 2) Cheney made billions with Saddam 3) Reagan called the Mujahideen or the Taleban, the Founding Fathers of the XX century in moral terms 4) Bush ignored hundreds of warnings of civil war in Iraq 106000 casualties 5) Bush ignored hundreds of warnings on 9 11 and caused 3000 casualties in NY and Washington 6) Reagan supported Saddam with WMD
Reagan proposed a Jihad against URSS, Reagan killed kemalism or secularism in the region, Carter had a secular approach The United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings Reagan spent billions in the country