Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ronda the best, the number one a real fighter, Holm a fraud, a coward ..
Holm ran away from Ronda and then made lots of excuses for being such a coward.
Holly Holm was kicking because she was too far away to punch, a coward
How far away are you Holm?
Too far away to punch, a very long distance
It is because she was really scared ::
Holms strategy : To flee, run away, escape; to evade, elude; to disappear, vanish; to elope; to abandon
No boxing no kickboxing, but cowardice
Usain Bolt will invite her to joint his racing team of Jamaica
Ronda won that fight.Herbie Dean should stop the fight. Everybody knows Ronda won that fight.
Ref should stop the fight and declare Ronda Rousey the winner.  Ronda became angry with Holm and H Dean and made a mistake. Trump, Tom Brady and Holm are cheaters
Original sketches of the UFC octagon created by Rorion Gracie, as a place to fight Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling, not to run a Marathon
Dana White and the Fertittas Brothers should ban Herb Dean. The best referee is Big John Mccarthy
Ronda became very angry, very upset with Holm and Herb Dean
The referee should stop the fight because Holm was not fighting and declare Ronda the winner.
Referees should be punished for mistakes . Holm runs around the ring and goes to his favorite spot-the corner, ducking and dodging like a scared coward! .Totally unfair