Monday, December 7, 2015

Senator bryd, the dems own them, stop trying to change history

Ken Prudente Thurmond had no connection to thr kkk that could be proven
Norton James Byrd had a very brief stay in the Klan, he was very young and made a terrible mistake but he voted for the CRA of 1968 and became a pro black actvist
Ken Prudente

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Ken Prudente The democrats were against civil rights and they wrote the jin crow laws, do not change history
Ken Prudente Omg, you lie, byrd was a grand kleagel and a recruiter, what is with you liberals
Ken Prudente How come a dem can be a kkk person, lie about it and you dems are on their jock, hypocrits

Norton James
 The Confederacy is an enemy State, they are not Americans, the Democrats are really Americans and the DP an American political institution
 Democrats ended segregation in the military and nationwide, Nixon and Goldwater invited the Klan to go the Republican Party