Monday, December 7, 2015

The NRA or Creating “Problems” to Sell “Solutions” ISIS is supporting the 2 nd amendment The Second Amendment is about well regulated militias No militias, only handguns for domestic use
Katherine Vreeland Bakes Name one mass shooting incident where one of the victims pulled out their own gun and shot the shooter. With all the guns in this country, and all the arguments I have heard why we need to have guns, this has not happened once. All I can see when I envision such a thing is people dropping like flies from friendly fire as well as from the mass murderer. Ted Cruz is a waste.
Lisa Ann Lowry-Johnson The 2nd amendment is dated and useless. It needs to go. We don't need an armed militia. Gun nuts have been using the amendment to justify their dangerous obsession for way to long.
Carole Bocker Lotito We expect every gun owner to be a natural sharp shooter.
Then, just like in the movies...bullets coming from all sides...that victim in the corner, well he will just be able to pull out his pistol and hit each terrorist with one bullet right in the heart and it's over, Johnny.
And that's why we need to be able to carry guns. ISIS is supporting the 2nd Amendment now, only in America a bunch of scumbags can get guns legally. We dont see similar numbers in Europe and Australia for example, NRA is a criminal entity SCOTUS is totally for gun control, you dont need an AR 15 or an AK 47 for self defense. People think they are J Wayne or Clint.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt defeated Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Nazi Japan, he also saved the US economy, created Social Security and preserved Democracy.