Sunday, December 27, 2015

Trump .. Endorsed by the Klan .. Very ignorant .. A bigot against democracy and the rule of law .. The talented businessman failed 4 times miserably .. How has Donald Trump survived four bouts with corporate bankruptcy and come out on top ? A disrespec...See More
Jeff Palulis Donald Trump's buisness fails and he files bankrupcy and follows the law. Obamao can't get a balanced budget so he prints money 24/7 and doesn't follow the rules, ruins America's credit rating and standing with the world and people complain about Trump......
Patrick J. Staffieri III Jeff is uninformed. U.s. credit rating was never lowered under Pres Obama but the Pres W that actually sunk the nation's economy as he was elected to do. Also the Fed printed just the same amount as the last 3 con men republicans. Pres Obama couldn't get a balanced budget due to gop obstruction.
Norton James Bubba adopted a series of austerity measures balanced the budget and left us with a surplus Bush ruined it in 5 years