Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bush ignored hundreds of warmings on 9 11, he caused the civil war in Iraq and created ISIS. The Bush Family is associated to the Saudi Regime, Bush and Murdoch. Bush ruined the US economy and created ISIS. Trump is a fascist joke, a dangerous bigot with no sense of leadership, acting against democracy and the rule of law, racial profiling is unconstitutional, torture is illegal. Under Trump America will become a Banana Republic Bubba Era 8 years of peace and prosperity, 5 years with surplus, Bush ruined it in 5 years and caused the worst financial crisis since the great depression, Obama did the best he could under the circumstances, Barry really saved the worlds economy The so talented businessman failed 4 times miserably the so brave patriot was in Vegas with a bunch of girls while Kerry was fighting in Vietnam

Peoples Republic of China is a ruthless regime founded by criminal Stalinists people like Mao Tzetung, Hua Gufeng, Den Xiaoping, Zu Enlai and Zao Ziang with a slavery economy

Against facts there are not arguments and also they invaded Tibet killed thousands and called His Holiness the Dali Lama a brutal gangster

Matt Miller You are a fool. Bush was in office for less than 8 months before 9/11. That type of planning took years, while Clinton was in office. The same Clinton that had an opportunity to take out Bin Laden, yet did not give the order to do it. All he had to do was say go, and Osama would have been dead. The financial crisis was caused by #1 the events of 9/11, #2 Hurricane Katrina drive gas prices to ridiculous new levels, and last but not least Clinton's belief that everyone should be a home owner, even the people that can't afford one or responsible enough to handle loan on one. So, some very shady lending practices were put into place and there were more shady people set up to make a fortune betting on the failure of these terrible loans. Your precious Barry doubled the national debt in his first 4 years and gave us,our worst credit ranking in history. He has created a toxic environment of hate amongst all opposing people, turned cops into bad guys, criminals into victims, and made ruined the USA's place as leader of the free world, and in doing so has allowed Putin to step in and fill the void left by Barry.
ISIS was allowed to firm and grow because of the vacuum left by Barry's premature exit of the middle east.
I could bring up the prisoner exchange that saw us release high level terrorists and get a deserter in exchange, you know the guy being court marshalled. Or the release of other terrorists from Gitmo, that have since rejoined the fightbagaibst our troops.

1) Get some education, by. 8 months in terms of intel comunity is a huge period of time. 2) Bubba adopted a series of austerity measures balanced the budget and left us with a surplus, 8 years of growth and 5 years with surplus, 5 trillion dollars the US national debt, Bush ruined it in 5 years 3) The IMF blames his Admnistration for the recent financial collapse, the lack of regulation and control caused it. 4) Republicans presented a plan to withdraw troops from Iraq in 2005. 21 UN diplomats killed in Bagdad in 2003, 106000 casualties in Iraq, 60000 US military, 6 trillion dollars 5) Clinton Era ended in 2000 the recent financial meltdown began in 2008, Republican deregulations caused it