Saturday, January 9, 2016

Republicans hate blacks, latinos, gays, liberals, muslims, mother nature, Hillary, Obama, Pope Francis, humanity But they love HC for corporations, the love socialazing losses, they love tax cuts for billionaires
Nancy Michalka your president explained the Bush Tax Cuts and made them permanent they're now referred to as the Obama Tax Cuts. The top 1% pay the lion's share of all taxes. Tell me about the Clinton Foundation and the countries who not only abuse women and gays but kill them who have donated to the foundation?

Funny you're defending Ill Papa, do you support his stance on abortion as well or do you pick and choose what you support him on?

Your president evolved on gave marriage, several times, just like Hillary did. It wasn't until your president was told it would be in his best interest to be for it , pretty much how John Kerry, I served in Vietnam, was for the war before he was against it. Obama believes homosexuality is a lifestyle choice.

The republicans ended slavery, ended segregation and vote for Civil Rights. It was (d) Senator, now deceased Robt. Bryd, former member of the KKK and Exalted Cyclops who was responsible for the longest filibuster agains the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

How are we against mother nature?