Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rick Meyer Listen This Cruz guy for me is a scary guy. Trump, is a mouthy,loud dumn ass. so i say let trump step on this idiot, hillary or bernie will steamroll trump in the general election, lets gets rid of the cockroach Cruz first by letting Trump do the work for us!

Remember this the next time that someone tells you that you *must* support the Republicans because they are the only ones that can keep you safe from terrorism.

 As I recall Cruz was one of the loudest birthers against Obama. Would be delicious irony for him to be disqualified.
Bill Carlson Until it comes from a ruling by the Supreme Court or a Constitutional amendment Ted Cruz is not legally able to run for President. I would support the courts ruling but prefer a Constitutional Amendment. Both are what the writers of the Constitution wanted not a law by a few in congress but many in the Amendment process. For the record I do not support either idiot.