Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tate will destroy Holm, Cyborg will beat Tate and Ronda will beat Cyborg, Tate and Holm
You are absolutely in denial maria, rousey was dominated the whole fight.
Mike Burke Hey u moron!!!!!! Tate lost twice to rousey and lost to kat zangono!!! So how the hell do i see her beating holly?? Holly beat ronda and made ronda look like a bumb u fool!!! Holly is a 20 time world boxing and mma champion!!!!! Tate- rousey- cyborg will never ever win 20 titles in 2 different sports u brain dead loser!!!!!!

 Ronda is the best MMA fighter by far, the most complete. The Octagon was created as a place to fight BJJ, boxe and wrestling not to run a marathon ,, I saw Ronda moving forward as a real fighter and Holm running and fleeing as a coward and opportunisti...See More

Maria Helena You literally made every one slightly less intelligent by having to read your last comment.

 You are a bunch of illiterates in MMA go back to school and get some education, boxe in comparison to Jiu Jitsu is crap

Cats and dogs are domestic animals, smart animals, they are our friends, they help humanity in a variety of issues, they are not food. Criminals in China control this illegal trade