Sunday, January 10, 2016

The FBI should storm the compound and arrest the whole ministry because they are terrorists acting against the rule of law

Monika Logan Ironically, Obama wants health care for all Americans, even the ones who hate him.
Maybe, next time, have your mom pack you a lunch if you're going to occupy a national park.
Marsha Verduzco The main beneficiary of Affordable Care is the not for profit hospitals. With just the care provided now they have been seeing less uninsured ER visits, I knew a woman that had $900,000+ unpaid hospital visits. I heard one of the senators say that the current system could continue this was just before.Affordable care went into effect. 2015 was the slowest groth of health care costs because they did not have to cover the uninsured visits
Rump like Bush, Cheney and Murdoch, loves rich muslims . A Facist joke, a disrespecful bigot with no sense of leadership, acting against democracy and the rule of law, Chump has simplistic solutions for complex problems, the so talented businessman failed 4 times miserably, endorsed by Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. How brave he is, John Kerry was in Vietnam Rump in Vegas. This joke went too far.
Donald Rump is a dangerous maniac, he hates blacks, latinos, gays, liberals, muslims, mother nature, Hillary, Obama, Pope Francis, humanity
Jonathan Menezes Probably would hate you too, except he doesn't