Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Democrats ended segregation in America .. Gops agenda is a Satanist agenda , totally against blacks, gays, latinos, muslims, poor people, moter nature and Christian values ;; Pastor Koresh Jin Jones Falwell Cruz is an opportunistic Canadian religious leader., Trump, a fascist joke, a dangerous maniac, a bigot acting against democracy and the rule of law, with no sense of leadership,
They love HC for corporations, tarp, bailous, tax cuts ? 2 Illegal wars ? 6 trillion dollars, wasting public money
Two illegal and useless wars, 1060000 casualties, lies about WMD, the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, they ignored warnings on 9 11 and warnings of civil war in Iraq and created ISIS .. Bush gave Gaza to Hamas as well .. Trump, Murdoch and Koch against Jefferson, Adams, Paine and Teddy Roosevelt .. Nostalgia of a golden era of peace and prosperity, thats why blacks, latinos, gays and young people are feeling the Rodham .. Carson supports the right to fly the Klan flag in private areas