Monday, February 22, 2016

Zika vrus was introduced in Brazil during the WC they spent 50 bilion dollars to oragnize de WC and the Olympic Games and 50 % of the country without basic sanitary conditions,
Kathi McBride Martin The Olympics are in Rio de Janeiro. This is a modern city with modern plumbing and sewage control. So your point is what? I suppose some there for the games will take trips to the less modern areas, but if they are smart enough to travel to Brazil for the games, I am sure they are aware to be careful in the less modern areas. wink emoticon
Michelle França Kathi, if you think Rio has modern plumbing and sewage you have never been there. The tourist areas obviously do. But not up in many of the favelas. The mosquitoes flourish in those areas and bite all over the city.
 Rio is not a modern city, you imbecile, 30 % of its population live in very poor areas, the so called "favelas", slums, the NHCare system is broken, the current adminstration ruined the economy they invested Brazilian public money to help ther chavist comrades in the continent a bunch of crooks, 40 % of Rio without runing water and sewage