Monday, March 14, 2016

Republican agenda : slash taxes on billionaires, keep everybody else working at poverty wages, get the races to fight each other, destroy the environment, destroy regulations that protect the common man and his family, replace education with religion, tell women what they can and can't do with their own health, deny healthcare to millions of working poor, feed the military-industrial complex with billions of tax dollars, start wars all over the middle east,build more prisons, have everybody armed to the teeth, and distract people with fluff "controversies" such as the war on Christmas and fake "scandals" such as Benghazi C Silver The GOP is satanist plutocracy, their principle is private profits, but socialiazing losses, dont tax them, blame the poor, social security, poor people and medicare .. 6 trillion dolars in two illegal wars mean civilization, democracy and freedom, Bush, Trump, Murdoch and Cheney love rich muslims .. Trump is a disrespectful bigot with no sense of leadership, acting against democracy and the rule of law, a fascist joke plain and simple, supported by simpletons, illiterates and scumbags , a dangerous maniac, Chump or Rump has simplistic solutions for complex problems, torture is illegal and unconstitutional and racial profiling is unconstitutional. Without 200 million dollars left by his dda Chump d be working as a street peddler in NY, the so brave political ledaer is a draft dodger, Mavericka and Kerry were brave , Chump a coward and opoortunistc vermin. The so talented businessman failed 4 times miserably. "The best of the lot" Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke has endorsed Trump. Chump and Rush will make Costa Rica and Mexico great again building cassinos and hotels with illegal aliens as workers. The first lady, madame Trump, is a stripper .. GOPS dictionary : religious values . The Founding Fathers and the American People united against Trump, Murdoch and Koch corporations