Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The media's role in Trump's rise cannot be overstated. "You’re gonna run this tape after the election if I’m wrong,” Jerry Spring added.
Today's test for Democrats: Does Clinton have the nomination in the bag, or will she need to rededicate herself to beating Sanders?
For the GOP: Can Trump be stopped? just revealed
If elected president, Donald Trump has pledged to scrap a work visa program that brings 300,000 student workers each year to the U.S. Among the businesses that would be forced to stop hiring foreign labor: Trump's own.
The visa, known as the J-1, purports to offer a "cultural exchange" and give American businesses access to guest workers' "specialized skills," according to the State Department.
Yet Trump's hotel in Chicago has been a regular user of J-1 visas, according to workers at the hotel and Irish students who worked there