Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bern Sanders should feel the Rodham as an expression of gratitude Pastor Koresh Kin Jones Falwell Cruz will beat him .. The GOP is a satanist klepto plutocracy . Under Nixon the GOP became a Nazi Party he invited the Klan to go to the GOP , T Lott, Thurmond, Goldwater, J Birch Society aka Tea Party Patriots voted aginst the CRA proposed by the Democrats . The Confederacy and the Klan are not Americans, they are not part of American history, they hated our values and declared war on the United States, they killed thousands of Americans. The Confederates created the Klan, the Civil War was all about racism, white supremacy, slavery, they were open racists with no restrictions and diplomacy . 1) Republican agenda is totally against blacks, latinos, gays, poor people, Christian values and mother nature 2) Trump is a disrespectful bigot, a dangerous maniac, a fascist joke with simplistc solutions for compex problems supported by simpletons and illiterates with no sense of leadership acting against democracy and the rule of law. Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke has endorsed him 3) Pastor Koresh Jin Jones Cruz is a Canadian bigot 4) Bush ruined the US economy and caused the present tragedy in the Middle East 5) The GOP is a santanist kleptoplutocracy, Paul Ryan Ayn Rand, and Rush, they really Christian values 6) Clinton Era was a golden era of peace and prosperity, 8 years of economic growth and 5 years with surplus They love rich muslism Hillary needs money of course to face the GOP aka Murdoch, Trump and Koch Corporations, Hillary gave millions of dollars to the Democratic Party !