Monday, May 23, 2016

Trump is a fascist joke, a disrespectful bigot , a dangerous maniac acting against democracy and the rule of law, supported by simnpletons and iliterates w simplistic solutions for complex problems

Sanders is an old fart a trojan horse working for Trump and Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. The Republican agenda is totally against blacks, latinos, poor people and gays )) Fox is a terrorist news organization spreading hate and fear everyday .. )) TRUMP LOVES RICH MUSLIMS

1) Carter didnt have a religious approach Reagan supported a Jihad against USSR and called the Mujahideen the Founding Fathers of the XX century in moral terms .. The Civil War in Iraq created ISIS

.. Bush ignored hundreds of warnings of civil war in Iraq
Clinton Era was a golden era of peace and prosperity Bush ruined it in 5 years
And declared victory or mission accomplished in 2003

2) Saddam didnt have WMD an army and never attacked the US 3) Bush and Murdoch are assocIated to the Saudi Royal Family a brutal and terrorist regime ruled by Sharia

4) Bush ignored hundreds of warnings on 9 11 Israel is a brutal and terrorist regime founded by brutal gangsters ..

Clinton era was a golden era of peace and prosperity, 8 years and 5 years w surplus Bush ruined it in 5 years

Racial profilling is unconstituional you may not approach people around the corner because the police think they are illegal immigrants this is a Nazi Fascist behavior )) Bush lied about WMD in Iraq, ignored warnings of civil war invaded the country, by the consequence caused the civil war and created ISIS The GOP is a house of prostitution in disguise of Church 
DW acted irrationally, out of protocol and outside of the law. 
Daniel Pantaleo killed Eric Garner with a choke , the dude was just talking, they didnt have guns