Friday, June 24, 2016

1) British voters beat their former colonies to the punch, choosing xenophobia over belonging to the European and world communities in a way that very few people could appreciate
2) Scotland voted against Brexit !
3) It is unbelievable, insanity, a stupidity this referendum, after decades, hundreds of agreements and laws, is a colossal irresponsibility, it will destroy the economy and the United Kingdon. The EU has problems, yes, has costs, but it is good for trade, investment, tax, rules, and Britain is not obliged to implement all decisions .a disastrous moment for England not for the European Union anchored in France and Germany. The EU has been legitimized by Parliament , people can not take a matter of this complexity for emotional reasons, sad, disastrous, a dark moment .. Álvaro Salazar Márquez Truly ..
3) A shocking day for the European project. I can't stop thinking that the rise of a strange mix of nationalisms, nativism and naïveté, will make the wheel of history turn around and make Europe in the end come to the same thing: the everlasting example of how to forget the past just to live it again. Certainly Europe can't leave it behind, as it seems. Joel Brown ..
4) Oh intolerance, isolationism, anti-immigration, race-baiting these aren't just the domain of United States I guess. A poorly informed electorate can be dragged almost anywhere sad.
Karen E Jeffrey
5) Anti-immigration fears may have blinded people to the realities of world markets. Destabilized economies, Russia crouched and ready to spring.....and the US will get sucked in.