Sunday, June 19, 2016

1) Get rid of your guns!!! You might think Australia is lame for not having your relaxed gun laws but we also don't have mass shootings very often. Danielle Andrews 2) "We don't even have our police carrying guns in New Zealand, there have been a handful of shootings over my 40 years of life. I wonder what the difference might be. Your country's ingrained right to bear arms is a beast that now cannot be put back in it's cage and the NRA are far too powerful politically. Having said that, I feel sorrow for the victims and many condolences to their families. America the Brave, I don't think so". Lisa Sullivan 3) "Sadly, I agree with you. In my state it had been approved for open carry, and carrying on university campuses. I foresee more horrors like this one in the future, when a slight altercation becomes a shootout in a public place, and innocent people are harmed from this stupidity. America the free will be free to stay at home where it's safe. People will begin ordering groceries and other necessities for delivery, going to church will be considered you dangerous, eating out will be out of the question, strolling with your family in a park will be out. I know this smacks of doom and gloom, but that is what the GOOD people of my nation are feeling now. Sandra Hughes Woods