Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Old people ll ruin the British economy, the Empire is over they have no future without EU .. The Parliament voted for EU 50 times The Parliament voted for EU 50 times ) It is unbelievable, insanity, a stupidity this referendum, after decades, hundreds of agreements and laws, is a colossal irresponsibility, it will destroy the economy and the United Kingdon. ) UE was created to improve European capitalism, as a free market force, EU has nothing to do with socialism, You are bunch of ignorants, a big shame, get some education !!
) The EU has problems, yes, has costs, but it is good for trade, investment, tax, rules, and Britain is not obliged to implement all decisions .a disastrous moment for England not for the European Union anchored in France and Germany. The EU has been legitimized by Parliament , people can not take a matter of this complexity for emotional reasons !! Sad, disastrous, a dark moment ..Democracy ? The parliament voted FOR EU 50 times
London's financial glory days are over
markets got Brexitas an expression of stupidity
HSBC 'set to move 1,000 staff from London to Paris'
It is a glorious day for humanity !!
The Bristish Empire created GLOBALISM !!
And now we ll have Wallesexit, Scotlandexit and N. Irelandexit .. They hate England and ll leave the UK
The implosion of the United Kingdon .. Self destruction LOL ..
The collapse of the economy
UK is over .. Karen MacDonald LOL ..Trump the brilliant businessman thought this was a great idea, .... The market fell, British currency devalued, recession likely anyone left we can't see what a disaster Trump would be
1) British voters beat their former colonies to the punch, choosing xenophobia over belonging to the European and world communities in a way that very few people could appreciate Álvaro Salazar Márquez Truly
2) Scotland voted against Brexit and ll stay in the EU adopting the single currency !..
) A shocking day for the European project. I can't stop thinking that the rise of a strange mix of nationalisms, nativism and naïveté, will make the wheel of history turn around and make Europe in the end come to the same thing: the everlasting example of how to forget the past just to live it again. Certainly Europe can't leave it behind, as it seems. Joel Brown ..
5) Oh intolerance, isolationism, anti-immigration, race-baiting these aren't just the domain of United States I guess. A poorly informed electorate can be dragged almost anywhere sad. Karen E Jeffrey
6) Anti-immigration fears may have blinded people to the realities of world markets. Destabilized economies, Russia crouched and ready to spring.....and the US will get sucked in. Remain failed because instead of having a serious discussion about the issue and explaining the benefits of the EU as well as its higher purpose, or taking any moves whatsoever to improve EU policy, they accused Britons of xenophobia, racism, etc. and argued using economic threats. People don't like being condescended to and they don't like feeling that they are being controlled by out-of-touch bureaucrats. The failure of the left to take Brexit seriously and actually listen to or address the grievances of leave voters is exactly what drove people to the right. “There is a majority of something like 350 in the House of Commons broadly in favour of the European relationship. There is no way you are going to get those people to say black is white and change their minds unless a) they know what the deal is and b) it has been supported either by an election or by another referendum.”