Thursday, June 9, 2016

On the rooftop of an empty building in Zagreb, Dino Helvida carefully pierces his client Kaitlin's torso, legs and face before putting hooks through her skin. A Wider Image story from Antonio Bronic (not for the faint hearted) seabird turns orange after falling into vat of curry A crazy story from the pitch, where an Iranian soccer star has been banned for six months for wearing 'Spongebob' pants. Yes, that seriously happened...Aides say President Obama would work to move Bernie Sanders toward an acceptance of Hillary Clinton as the nominee.This guy is an old fart, a trojan horse, an independent candidate with an unrealistic agenda
Karl Rove: He could have offered voters a simple choice: If you like America’s standing in the world today and believe in the Obama administration’s foreign policy, vote for Hillary; if not, vote for Trump. Instead, Mr. Trump raged that her “pathetic” speech “had nothing to do with foreign policy.” He then offered the press his chin. In her speech, Mrs. Clinton said that he would encourage Japan to acquire nuclear weapons. This, Mr. Trump, replied, was a lie.
Clinton Grooves a Pitch, Trump Whiffs
Karl Rove writes that after Hillary Clinton hit him on foreign policy, Donald Trump could have brought up her mistakes as secretary of state in dealing with Russia, Libya or ISIS.|By Karl Rove