Wednesday, June 1, 2016

THE GORILLA WAS NOT GOING TO KILL THE CHILD ! THE POLICE SHOULD ARREST THE WHOLE TEAM !! IT WAS A BIG CRIME ! The Zoo is only blaming the mother for neglect because the zoo could be sued for inadequate security between people and the dangerous animal.

The zoo is 100% responsible for this incident because it happen on their property. Nicholas Venables .. Stupidty !

This zoo is piece of crap ruled by incompetents and criminals, arrest them all they should have a rescue team, emergecy exit, non lethal weapons and son !! So primitive what a shame, the parents are morons

IT IS 100 % WRONG !



Gabrielle Roland : If you watch the video the gorilla appears to be concerned for the boy. The gorilla even helps him stand up. The mother can be heard telling her son that she's "right here, mommy loves you." She wasn't "right here" when the boy fell into the enclosure. So sad. Another beautiful animal put down due to stupid human behavior.

A male silverback gorilla tends to be very agressive. clearly, he recognized this was a young one, and posed no threat to him...

If he wanted to hurt the boy, the kids head would have been gone in 30 seconds...

The gorilla showed more humanity to that little boy than his handlers showed him...

Sad on all counts.In the end, the ultimate liability and responsibility lies with the Zoo. How is it that a small child can go through a fence separating the public from a dangerous animal? Lets place blame where it belongs folks.By Kofi Kasumi --

Once upon a time there was an endangered gorilla named Harambe. He was born in a zoo in Texas. After 16 years at this zoo, he was transferred to a zoo in Cincinnati. The day after his 17th birthday, he heard a splash. A four year-old human boy had landed in his moat in his enclosure. He interacted with the child. Amongst a chorus of "No! No!" and a lead voice echoing, "Mommy's right here. Mommy loves you." filling the air, Harambe continued to interact with the boy, almost as if he were a young ape. His hands could rip the boy in two at any moment he pleased. But no moment came. He stood over the boy in a protective stance. But no stance protected him from the gunshot.

The boy was returned to mommy and sent to the hospital with no critical injuries. And thus, an endangered species became even more endangered by the most dangerous species on the planet. PEOPLE WERE MAKING THE ANIMAL NERVOUS Tom Paine The problem was in the design, not in the actions. The three foot fence was the issue. People blame the mother or the zoo's response team. But I just think it is a bad habitat design. The poor gorilla likely thought it was being helpful. But there is no doubt that a gorilla with ten times the strength of a human male would not have known how to handle a child and his actions were inadvertently endangering the child's life. Build better habitats. Let's learn from this.