Wednesday, July 6, 2016

1) It's time for Bush and Cheney to face some music.
Rove destroyed millions of emails. Rice and Powell used private servers Powell destroyed emails relating to the Iraq War
Bush and Cheney destroyed millions of emails
War crimes, the creation of ISIS. Financial collapse, 13 embassies attacked, and 60 dead. Millions of emails destroyed, and not a hearing for any of it..yes the system is rigged. And the Republicans have taken full advantage of it for years ! The FBI should arrest Bush, Cheney, Bolton, Rove, Rice and Rumsfeld, they lied about WMD, ignored warnings on 9 11 and warnings of civil war, caused the civil war in Iraq, they caused 1060000 casualties in Iraq, and 3000 casualties in NY and Washington , they craeted ISIS and spent 6 trillion dollars and ruined the US economy
2) Bush declared mission accomplished ou victory in 2003
3) And the 33 million emails George Bush sent from unprotected servers while he was on vacation and coordinating the Afghanistan and Iraq Invasions are conveniently forgotten.
4) CIA Morell told Congress Bush lied about WMD in Iraq Saddam didnt have WMD in 2003 UN Scott Ritter said