Sunday, July 17, 2016

A coup where the target is not only left alive but left with a ready and fueled jet? Has permission not only to fly to Istanbul, but to make a "call to the streets"? In a country that can shoot down a Russian fighter-bomber because it might have strayed into their airspace for less than a minute, they can't stop the target of the coup taking off and traveling to a press conference?People are dead because of this bit of theater. But Erdogan is mysteriously unscathed and was surprisingly prepared for the whole thing?Makes no sense. A coup that is prepared to kill dozens doesn't start with a target who lives past the first minute. This smells like a bloody PR stunt.Hendra O'RightHendra O'Right Now that is what the real purpose of that coup d etat attempt. To bring Gulen back to Turkey and arrest him. Erdogan killed hundreds of his own people only to keep the presidential throne for himself. Lowzy hypocrite dictator!Modern Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk deliberately placed his armed forces at centre-stage in his drive to modernise the Turkish culture and people. The Kemalist goal was to fully secularise that is, to de-Islamise To ensure that their country never returns to old Ottoman Islamic ways, even if that meant at times resorting to a military coup d’├ętat. Dr. Sebastian Gorka said that after years of Erdogan intimidating the country's military elite, they have stepped up and said, "You've been playing footsie under the table with the Islamists. You've been helping ISIS. We're going to stop it." by large crowds amid an attempted coup by the military.Despite claims by government officials that the takeover attempt had been repelled, reports of ongoing violence indicated that authorities did not have full control of the country