Friday, July 8, 2016

Cops may not kill people around the corner after altercations
Cliven Bundy had Ar 15 and Ak 47 and the FBi didnt kill them
I'm waiting for people to try and justify this.
The only thing this man may have been doing wrong was illegally selling CD's. The gun he possessed was legal by Louisiana Open Carry Law. He did not resist arrest. He did not fight back. This is murder. It was devastating to see his son crying during the press conference. The video shows him pinned facedown by one cop and partially restrained by another. The cop on his back says "He has a gun!" at which time the cop near his head pulls out his gun and fires 3-4 shots into him. That is murder. If Alton were reaching for his gun (hard to do with a 200 lb man on your back), the officer should've restrained his arm reaching for the gun.Edit: They shot him 5 times. Even in the process of killing him they overdid it. Kitzia De Loza The other video that was released showed his arms pinned down. The cop had his knee(s) on the left arm. Looked like the other cop had his right arm. Then they yelled about the gun and they shot him. That video the store clerk recorded The Cops acted irrationally out of protocol and outside of the law Cops may not kill people around the corner after altercation
Grant Gochin A month ago, when 49 people were slaughtered in a gay club, we were told the blame lay at our feet, because if only everyone were allowed to carry a gun, we'd be safe.Today, after a black man was held down, shot at very close range and murdered, we're told he would have been safe if only he hadn't been armed.Which is it?