Monday, July 4, 2016

Nigel and Boris
Cowards are afraid of what they have done! Now they can blame the next leader with screwing up the deal with the EU instead of taking the fall for the worst decision in UK history.. Shockingly irresponsible .
Stir up hate, fear willful ignorance. Leave to let others deal with it. Feels like a Trump prequel.
Lol so they destroyed the Great Britain but they don't want the responsibility of the aftermath. I wonder if the British people feel screwed now?
So basically these guys are all mouth and no action, they cause chaos in the country because of what they believed would be a better Britain and now bottle out, absolute cowards him and Boris
Another top Brexiteer running away from the long term mess they created.It's gonna follow you wherever you go Nigel.This is what will be written of you in the history books.Sadly, your family will have to carry your surname and what's attached to it forever.Brilliant.
Another one of these cowards running away when they see the enormity of the damage they inflicted. Sure, have your life back. But remember the millions of lives you screwed over. Which way did you vote?The exact same kind of idiots who want to vote for the drumpf. Too stupid to know any better than soaking up fearmongering and lies. This is the best comedy out of the UK since Monty Python.
When the ship is sinking, jump off and let all the women and children drown.. U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage resigns, the latest British political chief to tumble amid the political turmoil following the country's vote to leave the European Union. If a submarine was sinking and 52 % of people voted to open the doors and let the water in rather than.. hang on hang the metaphor will get there.. than... fixing the ... Sub..Marine... Engine... Yeah? Once the vote is passed.. and everyone realises it was a pretty fucking stupid idea born out of ignorance.. of ..Atmospheric pressure and the Captain of the ship not really explaining the submarine manual very well, and the guys who suggested opening the door in the first place all falling asleep drunk.. and the whole situation is now internationally (within the submarine) recognised to be a bit silly and get everyone very wet and dead.. Surely we then reassess the situation, not all go and open the door in some pious defence of Submarine democracy. That's right.. Submarine democracy.
It is not a question of ignoring the vote but questioning whether it has Moral or legitimate authority! If we do not challenge the lies, which have unravelled before our eyes, then we risk justifying fraudulent action by politicians, which in itself should be the subject of moral opprobrium. The issue is more heightened by reason of the fact that the decision is irreversible and no politician will be held to account