Friday, July 1, 2016

People like Nigel and Boris caused W W I ! Insanity , nationalism colonialism !! Annus horribilis Stupidity , insanity ! Infamous dayNigel , Boris and old people ll ruin the British economyActing against humanity and civilizationNo future without EU !! Perfidious irresponsibilityThis man has caused awful damage to this country Brexit ll ruin the British economy no future without EU. THE UK LL BECOME A MISERABLE COUNTRY LIKE iNDIA European Union is the rational way to improve the European economy no alternatives, Brexit ll ruin the British economy If foreign manufacturers are offering your customers cheaper prices, then you are forced to lower your own price, and profits are squeezed lower and lower,It's just the effect of globalisation and the state of the industry If you see a trend of profits going down and down, you either take action or you watch your company fold. Despite improving productivity, the chance of much lower labour costs in the Far East seemed to be the only way of substantially reducing overheads. 50 agreements 100 laws voted by the ParliamentKira Wilkinson These EU leaders really need to speak to their advisors - the UK referendum is a non-binding opinion poll and there's no guarantee a bill will even be proposed to invoke article 50 let alone it actually becoming law so until then we're as in as we've ever been! It has however helped to show their true colours and what they really think of the UK! 😠