Saturday, July 23, 2016

The American ideals make America great Kathy Y Trump is for Trump. He's not for the working class, not for the veterans, or the bikers, or the police, or the families of terror attack victims, or even for the hero worshipping boot lickers who jump and chant every time he drones on with the same tired rhetoric and outright lies. Trump is only for Trump. Trump is anathema to integrity. He is the direct opposite of every principle and value i hold dear. I cannot, in good conscience vote for the man. In choosing Kaine, Clinton could appeal to independents and moderates but anger liberal groups who object to his advocacy for an Asian free trade pact.
Those who mindlessly support him are only feeding his ego. Just like giving heroin to a lifelong addict, the more he gets the more he needs. And he is a very needy man. America never stopped being great, Trump just needs you to think it did so that you jump and chant for him.
Trump is not my voice, and his devalued version of America is not my America. Nixon, Thurmond, T Lott , Goldwater and the J Birch Societ aka Tea Party Patriots invited the Klan to go to the RP Gopers acting against poor people , blacks and latinos ! Chump is a dangerous maniac, a disrespectful bigot, a fascist joke acting agaisnt democracy and the rule of law w simplistic solutions for complex problems, supported by simpletons and illiterates w no sense of leadership Clinton era 8 years of peacea and prosperity Bush ruined the US economy created ISIS and caused 106000 casualties America belongs to the people of Chief Geronimo, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse Plus Humane Society CLINTON ERA WAS A GOLDEN ERA OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY , 8 YEARS AND 5 YEARS W SUPLUS !! Bush and Cheney are war criminals and kiled 1060000 people in Iraq and 3000 people in NY and Washington !! 13 Benghazi similar cases occured during his Adminstrattion, they lied about WMD and ruined the Us economy !!Bush ignored hundreds of warnings of civil war and hundreds of warnings on 9 11 ! CIA Morell and UN Scott Ritter told Congress !! Bush lied about WMD in Iraq in 2003 BUSH , ROVE, RICE AND CHENEY DESTROYED MILLIONS OF EMAILS .. The Klan is backing Trump Bush created ISIS Republican agenda : private profits, socializing losses, dont tax them, blame the poor, social security and medicare.The NRA and the GOP are working for TERRORISTS in AmericaI blame FOX and the NRA spreading hate and fear everyday GUN CONTROL is national security issue !!Bush created ISIS Trump is a Banana Republic candidate, simpleton and illiterate w simplistic solutions for complex problems, a fascist joke, a disrespectful bigot , a dangerous maniac It's time for Bush and Cheney to face some music. War crimes, the creation of ISIS. Financial collapse, 13 embassies attacked, and 60 dead. Millions of emails destroyed, and not a hearing for any of it..yes the system is rigged. And the Republicans have taken full advantage of it for years !The FBI should arrest Bush, Cheney, Bolton, Rove, Rice and Rumsfeld, they lied about WMD, they ignored warnings on 9 11 and warnings of civil war, they caused the civil war, they caused 1060000 casualties in Iraq, and 3000 casualties in NY and Washington , they craeted ISIS and spent 6 trillion dollars and ruined the US economy, Bush declared mission accomplished ou victory in 2003 Ann L. Wilkinson .. And the 33 million emails George Bush sent from unprotected servers while he was on vacation and coordinating the Afghanistan and Iraq Invasions are conveniently forgotten. CIA Morell told Congress Bush lied about WMD in Iraq Saddam didnt have WMD in 2003 UN Scott Ritter said Clinton era , 8 years of peace and prosperity Bush ruined the US economy. Bush lied about WMD caused 106000 casualties in Iraq and 3000 casulties in NY ! Republican agenda ; private profits, socializing losses , dont tax them, blame the poor, social security and medicare Ron Paul and D Issa voted against funds for FEMA 81% of B Sanders supporters have rallied to Hillary Clinton .Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke is supporting Donald Biff Trump, in 1992 he voted for Bush the elder, the joke is over Republicans hate blacks, latinos, gays, women Billions for Wall Street is OK. Too big to fail or too big to jail. Health care for corporations is always a good thing, but ObamaCare means tyranny. 1) Bush lied about WMD 2) Bush ignored warning of civil war 3) Bush caused 1060000 casualties in Iraq 3) Bush ignored warnings on 9 11 and caused 3000 casualties in NY and Washington 4) 13 Beghazi similar cases occured dirting the Bush Administration Trump, Koch against Jefferson, Paine and Adams Slavery was a universal phenomenom but only one nation , the United States of America, fought a war to end it .. The Confederacy and the Klan are not americans, but an enemy state they declared war on the US because they hated our values, they kiled thousands of americans. America is a constitutional democratic republic and the Klan a brutal and terrorist regime. America defeated Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Fascist Japan Thurmond and T Lott left the DP , Goldwater, Nixon and the J Birch Society invited the Klan to go to the RP