Sunday, July 10, 2016

You obviously have not read ANYTHING factual, or possibly, at all. The man was a convicted felon, therefore his weapon that he was allegedly pointing at people (hence, why the cops were initially dispatched) was also illegal. He was tased twice and brought down to the ground for attempting to flee from police and being noncompliant. Once on the ground, the man continued to resist arrest. This is not in support for or against the end result being death for this man, this is just some of what is actually KNOWN as of right now. Which would take you two seconds to research before posting. Additionally, unless you graduated from an actual Police Academy versus the Facebook Police Academy of Keyboard Cops, I don't think you can really say what other options the cops had or felt they had, or what they should have or could have done. Since when has it become such a terrible thing for everyone to sit back and wait for all facts and a proper investigation??