Saturday, August 20, 2016

A bunch of clowns, Olympic athletes acting like criminals .. They were drunk, destroyed a bathroom in a gas station, lied to the international press. they were not forced to pay it , the owner called the police ! White guys are kids , blacks and latinos are always criminals
The body guard called the police, one body guard against 5 athletes Sami . Can you imagine the level of racially charged outrage about over-paid “thugs,” “gangsters" that would fill up social media had Carmelo Anthony and his boys torn up the bathroom, then claimed to get robbed by fake police? I have no doubt President Obama would be asked to comment, Black Lives Matter would get blamed, and people would probably never let them live it down. Instead, Ryan Lochte is being given the benefit of the doubt by folks who are “waiting for all the details” before they make a determination about the swimmer’s story, or arguing that what he did wasn’t actually lie but rather “embellish” the truth. What a shame, Olympic athletes acting like criminals, they were drunk, destroyed a bathroom in a gas station, A bunch of clowns. The body guard called the police .. Olympic athletes acting like criminals .. A white rich boy can do whatever he wants to do. He knows his privilegie , horrible double standard ..
Cops killed Eric Gardner and Michael Brown, Cops in Brazil didnt kill Lochte and his friends ..
Ryan Lochte should be ashamed of what they did and forfeit their metals .. Lochte has no brain. He is a classless idiot & an embarrassment to the USA.
Rosi Nantes O please they admitted that they lied, they were drunk, vandalized the gas station bathroom, ran away before the police got there...Lochte who do you want to fool?