Monday, August 15, 2016

Bush, Cheney, Bolton, Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Blair, lied about WMD, ignored warning on 9 11 and warnings of civil war .. destroyed millions of email, 13 Benghazi similar cases occured during his administration .. Donald Trump . a Banana Republic candidate supported by simpletons and illiterates w simplistic solutions for complex problems acting against democracy and the rule of law , a fascit joke w no sense of leadership, a dangerous maniac .. Without 1 billion dollars left by his dad he d be working as a strreet peddler in NY ..
Republican agenda is totally against poor people and minorities ..
Private profits, socializing losses, dont tax them, blame the poor, social security and medicare ..
Ronald Reagan supported the mujahideen in Afghanistan , he called them freedom fighters , warriors or the moral equivalent to the Founding Fathers and killed secularism
Bush invaded Iraq to destroy ISIS but as a terrible outocome he created ISIs
Gopers selling guns to criminals and terrorists
NO peace when scumbags can get ar 15 and ak 47 legally