Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The DP gave Sanders everything he needs to promote his agenda as an independent politician, he endorsed Hillary as an expression of gratitute , and also he will not elect Donald Trump .. We can work togheter for the poor .. Take care folks with Gopers in disguise of Sanders supporters attacking Hillary .. Crooks in love, Chump working for Putin , the FBI should arrest Trump for tresaon . Gopers love rich muslims, Cherney made billions of dollars with Saddam, Trump made billions with muslims, Bush and Murdoch are associated to the Saudi Royal Family a brutal and terrorist regime a ruthless theocracy ruled by Sharia . Reagan called the Mujahideen the Found Fathers of the XX century in moral terms cvalling for Jihad against USSR, Bush declared mission accomplished in 2003. Chump was dancing, drinking and making love in Atlantic City while Kerry, McCain and Khan were fighting brutal wars !! A Banana Republic candidate, simpleton, illiterate, nutjob, just a joke , a media creation with wrong and simplistic solutions for complex problems !! Endorsed by Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke with no sense of leadership, acting against democracy and the rule of law. This Fascist joke went too far, a dangerous maniac spreading hate and fear EVERYDAY. Without 1 billions dollars left by his dad he would be working as a street peddler in NYJames Rob : Rep. Richard Hanna is Patriot. We should not allow Putin's stooge the anti-American trump to get into the White House. Norman On one hand Chump is against paying taxes, on the other he is bashing the government because the country is falling apart, how does he think infrastructure gets rebuild? keebler elves?? He has 4 bankruptcies, pays as little as he can in taxes, takes advantage of special visa program to import labor from Mexico to keep his wage expenses low, and makes wild statements to gain billions of dollars in free publicity. We haven't even touched the personal side....since this is politics. Is that principiled leadership that America needs? The FBI found her not guilty you imbecile NO RELEVANT INFO !! BUSH LIED ABOUT WMD , IGNORED WARNINGS ON 9 11 , WARNINGS OF CIVIL WAR AND DESTROYED MILIONS OF E MAILS .. Yeah, the Trumps are so strong and powerful. His dad tried to sue Bill Maher for making a joke about him being descended from orangutans. But a woman should just "find another job" if she's sexually harassed. Please. #WhinyLittleBitch Repression and war Trump is the face of the GOP and FOX news what good do you expect from him. The GOP convention proved exactly what the GOP brand is.. and by the way between Trump and Giuliani, they're really giving New Yorkers a bad rep.... lol!