Thursday, August 4, 2016

The International Media was supporting the former corrupt Admnistration in Brazil but they were ousted by the Congress / Parliament . THEY RUINED THE BRAZILIAN ECONOMY CAUSING UNEMPLOYMENT AND WEIDESPREAD STARVATION . THE Athletes COULD BE KILLED IN AMERICA IN BRAZIL SCUMBAGS MAY NOT GET AR 15 AND AK 47 LEGALLY .. THE ARMY TOOK CONTROL OF THE CITY .. The current Admnistration led by the CEO of the Bank of Boston is doing a very good, adopting a variety of corret measures in order to close down the social gap, and save the economy thats why the International Media only produces bad news about Rio 2016 The current Administration is working very hard in the right way , adopting a variety of correct , adequate measures , in order to close down this social gap, to bridge this gap, to promote a dramatic reductuion on Brazilian social inequality!! There are thousands of areas in the NORTH part of Rio with clean waters. Its not Brazils fault Zika Virus and Russia giving PED to its athletes In Brazil scumbags may not get AR 15 and Ak 47 legally around the corner to kill innocent people , Zika virus arrived in Puerto Rico and Florida as well , Bush spent 6 trillion dollars in two illegal wars and we dont have a UN task force in Africa to prevent Ebola and Zika