Monday, September 12, 2016

1) Hillary's physical health is a threat to the campaign? Trumps mental health is a threat to this country. I'll take Hillary with pneumonia over that discriminatory, xenophobic, war mongering, Putin praising, fake university scamming, misogynistic, narcissistic loon any day.
2) Well as his "bone spurs in his heels" were enough to keep Trump out of Vietnam, while allowing him to compete for his college basketball team. That should be interesting.
3) And she attended rallies, meetings, press conferences; she travelled and not missed a bit of her presidential campaign, even attended the 9/11 memorial. What a woman! And that's exactly what women do when they are sick. We don't miss a step. Usually there is a family to take of, work, and other important activities. That's the person we need at the White House. Beware Trump. But let's bash her for not broadcasting she was taking antibiotics and was dehydrated and still kept on with her grueling schedule. No wonder she kept the " protective pool" away.
4) Clinton's remarks on Trump are backed by several polls finding that significant numbers of Trump supporters do hold deplorable views. There have also been numerous instances of racism and sexism at Trump rallies; Trump has successfully courted the racist white nationalist/”alt-right” movement, and Trump’s own campaign manager once referred to his supporters as "downright nasty."
5) There is a special place in hell for Trump supporters who would gleefully wish for and cheer about someone having health problems! Deplorable doesn't adequately describe their hatefulness!! God forbid any of those deplorables overheated once in their lives.
6) I know completely healthy people AND athlete's who have experienced dehydration and not while engaged in excessive activities. People who are questioning her health are misguided. Omg the woman has been traveling and running at 200% for a year straight. She's probably got a cold. She is human. Give me a break. EVERYONE GETS SICK. Doesn't make you unfit for anything.
7) Franklin Delano Roosevelt had polio and defeated NAZI Germany FASCIT ITALY and Japan , saved the US economy , created Social Security and preserved democracy