Friday, September 30, 2016

A Banana Republic candidate, simpleton, nutjob, a media creation, this fascist joke went too far Nick Previsich This ridiculous, psychologically unstable, babbling oaf has absolutely no business being anywhere near a position of not only national but international leadership. Vote for Sec. Clinton as if the future of you and your children depend on it as well as the continued existence of the United States as a constitutional democracy. That statement is literally true.
Bush the Elder signed NAFTA, Bush lied about WMD, ignored warnings on 9 11, warnings of civil war in Iraq, caused the civil war, 1100000 casualties, ruined the Us economy, spent 6 trillion dollars and Chump blames Obama and Hillary Clinton Jamie K .. Donald Trump also has no clue about international law, tax law, embargo laws, geneva laws, labor laws, human and money trafficing laws but the biggest one we should all be worried about is he does not have any clue about constitutional law. He wants to bring back laws that are unconstitutional and he said he would use his power of the white house to destroy anyone who oppossed him including the media as well as public and private citizens. Trump said he would shut down the New York Times and others which again violates free speech and freedom of the press laws. He is an uneducated greedy bigot which makes for a dangerous leader and you would be wise to recognize he does not give a shit about anyone except for himself and his creepy ass family! Ralph Z .. Trump has cut off his own god nephew with cerebral epilepsy from receiving health care and insurance over a pointless despute about his fathers will. Let's be honest here, if Trump can't even put his own family first how can we really expect him to put America First? Please America vote Hillary for president!!