Saturday, September 3, 2016

BUSH, ROVE and RICE destroyed million of emails Republican agenda is totally against poor people Under Nixon and Goldwater , the GOP became the Ku Klux Klan Party Republicans are really nuts 4 years ago they called Hillary a dagerous liberal progressive but now they call her a little bitch of Wall Street and Barry Goldwater
Republican agenda is totally against blacks, latinos, gays, muslism, mother nature, and humanity ..Private profits, socializaing losses, dont tax them, blame the poor, social security and medicare
M.j. Kammerer Go ahead, vote Gop. Give up your social security, Medicare, Medicaid, clean air & water, let them mine the Grand Canyon, and more. Read the 2016 GOP platform doc Reagan supported Saddam w WMD .. Bush and Murdoch are associated to the Saudi Regime a ruthless regime ruled by Sharia America defeated the Confederacy and Nazi Germany BUSH DESTROYED MILLIONS OF EMAILS, LIED ABOUT WMD, CAUSED MILLIONS OF CASULATIES, IGNORED WARNINGS ON 9 11 AND RUINED THE US ECONOMY Trump and the Republicans are so scared of Hillary that's why they're throwing everything at her hoping it will stick. Trump doesn't give a damn about minorities. Anyone who believes he does is delusional. He's a racist. He's also Anti-Muslim and Islamophobic. In case any of you didn't know, Mike Pence is homophobic. Trump is a loose cannon. He can't help himself. All he wants to do is spout conspiracies and lies as truths. Trump and his supporters are jokes. Trump is ALWAYS putting himself in the news. EVERY time he opens his mouth his words will be scrutinized. Trump can always dish it out but HE can't take it. Presidential candidates aren't suppose to be whiners. I hope he and the Republican party go down in flames. Most of the Republican party is spineless and/or ignorant to have the guts to publicly stand up to Trump when he's wrong. So they defend him instead. Trump is a liar and dangerous! He's the KING of denial and deflection. His goal is to divide and conquer through fear and hate. We can't let them win! WE CAN'T IGNORE the fact that the Republican platform is that ANYONE who isn't Christian, white, male, and straight doesn't deserve equal rights under the Constitution. DON'T DRINK their Kool-Aid.