Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Trump, Murdoch and Koch against Thomas Jefferson, J Adams , Madison and Paine . A dangerous maniac, a disrespectful bigot, a fascist joke working against democracy and the rule of law, supported by simpletons and illiterates ..Simplistic solutions for complex problems. Without 1 billion dollars left by his dad he d be working as a street peddler in NY. Republican agenda is totally against poor people and minorities. Private profits, socializing losses, dont tax them , blame the poor, social security and medicare
M. Slocki Yeah, I's much rather have George Soros run the country. Oh my God, the Koch Brothers, the Kochs, the Brother Koch. Has Harry Reid ever said anything from the floor of the Senate that didn't mention the Koch Brothers, the Kochs, the Brothers Koch, the Kochs, the Koch Brothers.
Of course she needs money to face Trumpo and the G O P the GOP is a Corporation
Gopers are really nuts, 4 years ago they called her a dangerous liberal progressive but now they are calling Hillary a little bitch of Wall Street and Barry Goldwater The Second Amendment is about well regulated militais and gun control SCOTUS