Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Arrest them now ! Trump is a Banana Republic candidate , a dangerous maniac, simpleton, iliterate and nutjob 1) Trump a little bitch of Putin
2) Bush I signed NAFTA , Bush II lied about WMD, ruined the US economy, spent 6 trillion dollares, caused 1100
000 casualties and created ISIS but Chump blames Obama and Hillary ..
A disrespectful bigot working against democracy and the rule of law ! An illiterate Banana Republic candidate
3) Bush, Murdoch, Trump and Cheney made billions of dollars with rich muslims, mainly with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia a brutal and terrorist regime ruled by Sharia
4) CIA Morell and UN Scott Ritter told Congress Buhs lied about WMD in Iraq .. Saddam didnt have WMD in 2003. Clinton Era ended in 2000, the recent financial meltdown began in 2008 , the IMF blames the Bush Administration , the lack of regulation and control caused it. In 2005 Bush presented a plan to withdraw US troops from Iraq , in 2003 he declared mission accomplished or 50 years of peace and prosperity .. 5) REPUBLICAN AGENDA ; private profits, sociaiizing losses, dont tax them, blame the poor, blacks, social security and medicare .. .. .... Bush, Rove and Rice destroyed millions of emails and 13 Benghazi similar cases occured during the Bush Admnistration .. The GOP is a cleptocracy, they are not interested in real issues . . Nick Previsich This ridiculous, psychologically unstable, babbling oaf has absolutely no business being anywhere near a position of not only national but international leadership. Vote for Sec. Clinton as if the future of you and your children depend on it as well as the continued existence of the United States as a constitutional democracy. That statement is literally true.