Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bush and Murdoch are associated to the Saudi Royal Family a brutal and terrorist theocracy ruled by Sharia , Cheney and Trump made billiosn of dollars with rich muslims, It's not clear what caused these shifts. But, if indeed Trump helped cause this swing in some Christians' opinions, Hillary Clinton potentially has played into it, as well. Hillary Clinton has opened up a 12 point advantage over Donald J. Trump following their final debate last week. Hillary Clinton is meeting with some Republicans to talk post election Why no one should vote for Trump (ever expanding list):* Disrespects women* Favors wealthy and privileged* Clueless about economics, workings of government, military operations, diplomacy, and many other areas CRITICAL to a President's skill set* Serial liar* Insults Hispanics, African-Americans, Muslims, many others* CON MAN!!* Repeatedly asked advisor: "If we have nuclear weapons, why can't we use them?"* Publicly suggested "2nd Amendment people" could stop Clinton* Insulted parents of Muslim war hero killed in Iraq* Insisted Russia would NEVER invade Ukraine 2 years AFTER they had actually invaded* Publicly encouraged RUSSIA to cyber-attack our OWN GOVERNMENT* Praises Putin while berating our own president and military leaders* Appeared on Russian state TV and complained about American media and foreign policy* Wants to CURB freedom of the press* Wants complete ban on Muslim immigration, and identification badges on those already here* Wants extreme "idiological" testing on ALL immigrants*