Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dont get sick and die quickly .. Only scumbags vote for Chump !! 1) Trump is a Banana Republic candidate, a disrespectful bigot w no sense of leadership, a dangerous maniac, a fascist joke , working against democracy and the rule of law, supported by simpletons and illiterates with simplistic solutions for complex problems 2) CLINTON ERA WAS A GOLDEN ERA of prosperity 8 years of growth and 5 with surplus .. 3) Mike Wallace is celebrating his son humiliated Donald Chump or Rump .. 4) Trump is a little bitch of Putin .. 5) TRUMP and RUSH ' ll make COSTA RICA GREAT AGAIN bulding cassinos with illegal aliens as workers .. 6) SCALIA was pro gun control.. TRUMP IS PRO LIFE and PRO NUCLEAR WAR and PRO AR15 and AK 47 .. 7) He is so ignorant , Iran has nothing to do with Mosuls battle .. 8) Bush destroyed millions of emails with Rove and Rice