Sunday, October 9, 2016

Keir .. If we're being honest, men don't talk about sexually abusing women against their will, as much as they do talk about women. Monsters do that.. The few Republicans who saw the con man from the beginning and didn't cave in on their principles like John Kasich are looking pretty smart right now. The rest of them are tainted by Trump. Trump did not apologize for his ACTIONS! And he did not publicly apologize to his wife and family. Plus, he came off as being angry that he had to apologize at all. Poor Ivanka. I have seen her on tape "my Dad is not a groper". Maybe she didn't know. The republicans finally criticizing Trump are basically saying : 'Be as racist, xenophobic, bigoted and hateful as you want. But do not insult white heterosexual blonde women.' Middlebrook , Helen , Jones n Maggiore .. Boor, churl, layabout, scoundrel , vulgar and despicable man, pander, builly. Oh burn in Hell, dude. That you toadied up to him at all, knowing "only" what we knew about him previously makes you every bit as much a scumbag degenerate as he is. There's no absolution for you.
Trump has been a racist bigot from day one. He came down that escalator on June16,2015 talking about Mexicans being rapists and drug dealers . What candidate starts out on day one demonizing a race of people ? None. So he now feels it's time to jump ship, too late
Republicans who complain about Donald Trump are like the guy who lets his cats piss on the carpet for forty years and then complains about the smell.