Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Two years ago I was pro-Union and Devo-Max. The promise was made that a vote for Scotland to stay in the UK was a vote to stay in the EU. IndyRef2 - I'm voting Yes. I'd rather be in an outward-looking inclusive independent Scotland than stay in the diminished, xenophobic United Kingdom.
Richard Coltman Evidently he has not thought out these remarks as a similar number of UK citizens are living in other EU states. The EU citizens here are workers who benefits the U.K. to about £3.2 billion a year. The UK citizens in the EU include large numbers of retired people who live in France or Spain. If we deport EU citizens in the U.K. then the EU will do the same to our citizens. We, the UK, would lose valuable workers while receiving retired people who would put a strain on UK services. The man's a moron.