Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cubans didnt vote for Fidel Americans didnt vote for Trump .. 1) The America People elected Al Gore 500 K and Hillary Clinton 2100000 votes .. A Constitutional Republic is a form of democracy , representative or indirect democracy.. ..
2) Americans elected Donald Trump not by a majority popular vote but by an obsolete 18th century electoral college meant for a country that wasn't fully formed yet.
3) ‘Trump’s margin is less than 11,600 in Michigan, 27,200 in Wisconsin and 68,000 in Pennsylvania. If just a few thousand votes are found in Wisconsin and Michigan, Hillary Clinton becomes president by 276 electoral votes versus 264 for Trump.’ Chloe Clark
4) The recount is about morals, ethics and seeking justice not a PR stunt on behalf Hillary. If she really won these states, plus the petition to convince the electoral college to pick Hillary over Trump then hopefully we won't have to live our lives in fear of a Trump regime. Faith Fusillo
5) Trump just spent a year saying the system's rigged. Look how afraid he is of being proved right. Emily Alves
6) Trump and his Nazi buddies were and are willing to do anything to get into the white house. If our votes were stolen we have a right to know and a right to put the true winner of the election into the white house. Anyone who disagrees with that is no patriot. SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, CIVIL RIGHTS ACT, CLEAN AIR ACT, AHC, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION created by LIBERALs If the number of electoral votes per state was determined by the states educational ranking, Hillary Clinton would have had the top ten states, Donald J. Trump would have had zero.